Personal loan

Personal loan
(Assets collateral)

Housing Loan
Private Home Loan

Commercial Property Loan

Personal Loans

-We provide various personal loan products enable you to achieve your dreams and desires

-We offer preferential low interest, a flexible loan repayment tenor

Personal Loans (Assets collateral)

-We offer various personal loan scheme backed by deposits, cash, investment, properties

-We will provide you with free valuation on your assets and advise you the best suitable loan packages

Housing Loan / Private Home Loan

Building a home is one of the most important decision in life as it contains many memories of you and your family. Select MGCB’s home mortgage products with the right loan amount, interest rate and repayment option to better manage your financials and enjoy the joy of being homeowner.

Commercial Property Loan

-The bank offered selected real estate loan scheme such as office premises, factory, warehouse, land and retail property in different markets. MG’s real estate appraisal team will provide a comprehensive property valuation report as a basis in the loan agreement

-The property loan currency is flexible and the interest rate is in line with local market

-The maximum tenor of the loan is up to 20 years

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